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Showcasing my open source projects, made available on GitHub.

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Featured Projects

Minimal Twitter

A Twitter theme that drastically simplifies and declutters the new Twitter UI.


An authentication screen template for React Native with sign in, social login, registration, and password reset.


A Gatsby starter configured to run the blog on a subdirectory/blog – and comes pre-installed with Netlify CMS, and VS Code highlighting for code blocks.


This package includes lightweight, customizable and haptic gradient buttons for React Native.


Snapchat share button via a wrapper around SnapKit Creative Kit API.


Pre-styled wrapper around react-live to live edit and preview React code.


This package is a pre-styled but easily customizable React Card form to subscribe emails to a newsletter and other lists (for Mailchimp + TinyLetter).


This package includes React components for Product Hunt, including the Ship Widget, and badges for displaying Product Hunt user info.

Vue Admin Dashboard

An admin dashboard built in Vue with Sass, dark mode, animations, authentication with Netlify Identity and Slack API, Apex Charts, Google Data Studio, Firebase Firestore, and lambda functions. Deep dive analytics for gaming projects like Lightning Dice and Teen Patti that involve live sync of data flowing and RNG mechanisms.

Material Business Card

A customizable and downloadable HTML5 business card template perfect for personal websites, built with Materialize CSS.

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